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dts Nachrichtenagentur is a german news agency which focuses on breaking news for online media.

We share our technical knowlege of supplying editorial offices around the globe with media in text, image and video format.

As a small news agency or content provider, you can use our technology to send text and pictures to a large number of clients.

Our main focus is providing the technique to send this content in realtime to news websites and to give their owners the ability to display news in an automated mode. Traditional media (newspapers, TV, radio) can also be reached.

The most used transmission paths are FTP-push or FTP-pull (XML). SMS, email, RSS-feeds or direct pushes into SQL-databases can also be used for transmission. Our content provider system is 100% compatible with online systems like Wordpress and Joomla or professional solutions like huGO, innoTel NewsLine and Ulloth NewsWire.

Please feel free to contact us.

This site is available in german as well.